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Wellness Programs are good for employees and good for business, and companies across the country have relied on the industry experience of Schwartz Benefit Services to design and implement effective Employee Wellness Programs for their personnel.

The fact is a growing number of Americans lead unhealthy lives, with less than 1/3 of U.S. adults engaging in leisure time physical activity, and nearly 1/4 of U.S. adults still smoking. The statistics of adults considered obese or suffering from diabetes are equally staggering.

The unhealthy lifestyles of employees create two major problems for companies:

  • Employer-based health insurance premiums have been steadily rising over the past few years, which increases the average cost of healthcare per employee.
  • The poor health of employees, even those who report to work while sick, results in a severe decline in productive hours AND billions of dollars in revenue.**

To combat the loss of productivity and revenue companies count on Schwartz Benefit Services to implement creative and effective Wellness Programs, which fall under two general categories:

  • Disease Management Programs target the 22% of the population who drive 85% of medical claims** often because of chronic illness.
    • These programs increase compliance with doctors’ prescribed treatments and decrease relapses in behavior of employees with chronic illness, resulting in healthier, more productive employees.
    • Healthcare costs are lowered for employees with chronic conditions that are well-managed and therefore require fewer episodes of acute care (i.e., ER visits, hospital readmissions)
  • Lifestyle Coaching & Management programs target the rest of the population, encouraging them to adopt healthier lifestyles in an effort to improve quality of life, reduce claims and prevent them from moving to the chronically ill population.
    • Lifestyle Coaching Programs give employees the tools to develop healthier lifestyles, and address preventable risk factors before they lead to chronic illness.
    • Multiple studies have shown that between 50-70% of all diseases are associated with modifiable risk factors and could be prevented.

In addition to reducing claim costs and increasing productivity, Wellness Programs have been shown to produce

  • greater organizational commitment among participants,
  • improved employee morale, and
  • more favorable attitudes about working conditions, job security, competence, and employee benefits.*


* All statistical data is provided by the National Center for Health Statistics, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention and the Center for Work and Health available at http://www.cdc.gov/ and http://www.cdc.gov/nchs

**Other sources include: The American Productivity Audit and the Campaign for Work and Health, Center for Work and Health, AdvancePCS, and Work and Health in the Era of the Aging Workforce, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company