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General Life, Disability & Long Term Care

What We Do

General Life

Our team of professionals has over 100 years of combined experience. We are different than many other insurance professionals. Our holistic approach to designing and implementing programs goes beyond a spreadsheet of low cost numbers. We pride ourselves on our superb ability to advocate for our clients and obtain the most appropriate offers possible. We are associated with many of the strongest and most reputable insurance companies. Here at Schwartz Benefit Services we take both our client and carrier relationships seriously.

  • Life Insurance
    Life insurance can provide liquidity at your death, and if properly owned and funded, the death benefit can have certain tax advantages.
  • Disability Insurance
    Individual long term disability income insurance can protect  your earned income in the event you cannot work due to accident or illness.
  • Long Term Care Insurance
    Long term care insurance covers assistance with basic activities of daily living or substantial supervision due to illness or cognitive impairment. Medicare does not pay for this type of care called "custodial care," and Medicaid only assists those in significant financial need.1

1Medicare.gov, Long-Term Care, April 2007. [cited April 22, 2009] available at: http://www.medicare.gov/LongTermCare/Static/Home.asp.

Underwriting Advocacy

At Schwartz Benefit Services, Inc. we offer clients the distinct benefit of our underwriting advocacy experience. We are committed to negotiating with carriers and consulting with experts on behalf of our clients- a critical component on how cases are handled and priced.

With an increasingly complex insurance market, an advocate with first-hand life insurance underwriting experience understands how insurance companies divide customers into different risk categories, and can ‘advocate’ for a desireable risk rating on your behalf.

Insurance company underwriting involves matching medical profiles and health histories of applicants with a specific risk class. But individuals rarely fit neatly into prescribed risk classes. At Schwartz Benefit Services, Inc. we look at the entire picture, pointing out mitigating factors, and probe beneath the surface of lab reports and medical histories to help ensure that your ratings are based on your unique situation rather than how you fit into a statistical model.

We choose insurance companies based upon their experience or how amenable they are to underwriting specific circumstances, such as frequent foreign travels to countries deemed unsafe, high-risk hobbies or professions, and a wide range of medical impairments.

We present your individual medical profile and health history in the most favorable light and proactively provide the types of additional information that can help to mitigate concerns. In addition, we have the ability to negotiate and consult with medical experts, or gather additional information if the initial offer is not favorable.

We have close working relationships with the medical directors and senior underwriting staff at major insurance companies, and use our connections to get you the results that fit your circumstances.

Our Strategic Alliance

Our strategic alliance with NFP (National Financial Partners) gives us a distinct advantage in what we offer to our clients. NFP is a financial services network that connects the nation’s leading insurance and benefit firms.

Our relationship with NFP provides opportunities to share ideas with top producing agents across the country as well as gain market access to products developed specifically for high net worth clients.

NFP is one of the leading distributors of high-end life insurance in the United States today. We have a significant market share of the universal life marketplace and are highly ranked clients of most insurance companies we recommend.