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Business Succession Planning

Like most business owners, your business has offered you the opportunity to build an asset of considerable value. This asset also generates a stream of income that supports you and your family. Schwartz Benefits Services designs business succession plans to help ensure that your business remains intact upon retirement, death or other triggering event.

When creating a Business Succession Plan one should consider

  • the impact your death or disability would have on the value of your business,
  • Whether your estate would have sufficient liquid assets to pay estate taxes and other settlement costs, and
  • the income stream that you and your family receive from the business and the impact of a succession plan on the income.
Business Succession Planning

Without a business succession plan, your business could be forced to liquidate or sell at a reduced value. As a part of your plan to preserve the value of your business at your death or disability, here are questions to consider:

  • Should the business be kept in the family?
  • Are there other family members outside the business who share an equal portion of your estate?
  • Should the business be sold to a co-owner, an employee or an outsider?
  • Should the business be liquidated?

During the creation of a business succession plan we help you evaluate which of these alternatives is most appropriate for your situation, and by funding your plan with life insurance you can help ensure that your business succession goals become reality.

Contact Schwartz Benefit Services today and allow our team of experts to create a business succession plan that can meet all of your business planning needs.